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Concrete Look Raised Tray
Concrete Look Candle Stands
Porcelain Weald Vase
Concrete Look Tray
Concrete Look Tray
From $38.00
Wild Interiors: Beautiful Plants in Beautiful Spaces
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Concrete Look Scalloped Edge Bowl
Concrete Look Cake Stands
Ceramic Centerpiece Vase
Glass Terrariums
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Glass Terrariums
From $55.00
The Alchemy of Thinsg: Interiors Shaped by Curious Minds
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Glass Tall Styling Vase w/ Lid
Dried Metallic Babies Breath
Art Deco Inspired Modern Planter
Glass Dome With Concrete Base
Concrete Look Candlestick Holder
Concrete Look Bowls
Concrete Look Bowls
From $28.00
Ceramic Crinkle Detail Pot
Ceramic Round Diamond Detail Planter
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Concrete Look Wide Oval Planter
Concrete Look Small Classic Planter
Concrete Look Rounded Ridged Planter
Wide Weave Basket
Wide Weave Basket
From $36.00
Wide Rectangle Grecian Planter
Ceramic Detailed Cylinder Vase
Christmas Tree w/ Glitter
Rattan Christmas Cone
Rattan Christmas Cone
From $18.40
Glass Display Dish
The Complete Language of Flowers: A Defnitive and Illistrated History
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Decorating with Plants: What to Choose, Ways to Style, and How to Make Them Thrive
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Ceramic Extended Oval Dish
Ceramic Indent Base Planter
Glass Cylinder Cut Line Vase
Glass Small Cut Line Vase
Glass A-Symmetrical Tall Frosted Vase
Glass Frosted Fisbowl Vase
Glass Styling Vase with Lid
66 results